The GitHub URI is longer, but in general GitHub has higher guaranteed availability than FIWARE Lab. The self-hosting method, ensures that the @ context will 

22 Feb 2016 GitHub Enterprise on IBM Cloud will integrate GitHub's collaborative coding experience with IBM's APIs for cognitive, IoT and new data sources 30 May 2017 Engine Advocacy, the App Developers Alliance and GitHub Amicus Brief. Thumbnails Document Outline Attachments. Find: Previous. Next. 13 Mar 2018 IPSO Public GitHub Repository – Smart Objects Guidelines – <>. 18 Feb 2019 GitHub is now offering free private repositories, but does the initiative go far enough to compel enterprises to move some of their code 

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08/01/2015 Mopria Alliance develops standards offering a simple and seamless way to print or scan to any Mopria certified printer, multi-function printer or scanner. The program members will meet 4 times a year, publish case studies of AI on siloed data, will develop a curated github archive and engage in privacy aware data sharing protocol discussion towards a data exchange standard. We expect this integrated program to lead to many publications, training of talent, new technologies and standards. MIT Media Lab consortium members can join the alliance as

6 Jul 2016 Reordering issues in GitHub, SUSE joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance, and Twistlock announces US$10 million in series A funding—SD 

Forged Alliance Forever Unit Database Young Alliance Against Cancer -- Educating the next generation of cancer researchers AOP Alliance License: Public: Categories: Aspect Oriented: Tags: aop aspect: Used By: Central (1) Redhat GA (3) Geomajas (2)